About Brookshire Designs


  The out pour of my adventures, the expressions of my heart.


As an illustrator Grace offers apparel design, print design and custom pieces for a variety of businesses. Translating story and vision through illustrative design.


About Grace Brookshire


Lost in the mountains; found by the sea. 


After several years of full time travel, living on a sailboat, and commercial fishing in Alaska, Grace has found her way back to the Coast of North Carolina. Her work is a reflection of the communities she has grown to love and the natural world she often finds herself lost in. Through both her illustration and writing Grace hopes to inspire others to live life , and Life To The Fullest. 

Her Art is a window into her world of passions. Her primary medium of pen and ink expresses intricate designs that tell the stories of communities and wild places.

Her Words range from gear reviews and adventure recaps to content writing for business owners. View a list of her published writing here . 

Her Passions are woven into her work. Growing up the daughter of two Outdoor loving souls, Grace considers herself blessed to carry on the activities she was introduced to as a young child. Beyond writing and art, Grace spends her time surfing, backpacking, and fishing. She also has a deep appreciation for small businesses and brands that implement craft and quality into everything they do. Which, often guides her towards working with such companies. 


Freelance & Commissions 

Interested in talking with Grace about Murals, Illustration Work, Collaborative Projects or Commissioned pieces?

Email gmbrookshire@gmail.com