Turning Passions into Profits


A non-peer reviewed, unpublished study by LONI estimated that on average, we experience between 60k - 70k thoughts a day. Though they noted that there is no true definition as to what a "thought" might be, I would say, we need no concrete answers to understand that there is a lot running through our minds - every second of every day. So , how then, as an entrepreneur or small business owner do we focus in on what thoughts are worth chasing. How do we actually transform all these wonderful thoughts into a reality? Where, in the world, do we begin the journey of taking a passion and develop it into a business?

There are a million methods for implementation, but one answer, which Nolan Bushnell so quotably summed up for us, " the true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer." Yicks! Slight gut punch, but a necessary  reminder.  

Personally, I am in 100% support of dreaming - Martin Luther King Jr. , I think, would agree with me in saying that everything grows from a dream. However, it is the DOING that transforms dreams into reality.

What steps might you take today in becoming more than just a dreamer, but a doer? 

Grace Brookshire