Success Story No. 1 ; YHG Web Design and Business Coaching

Meet Emily Gentry, talk about a dreamer who does  , this entrepreneur chica has been going after her dreams the past few months and I have had one heck of a good time cheering her along. As a lover of home design and all things vintage, Emily has been turning her passions into a business through what we call "Your Home Girl." 



Together, we designed a spunky, homey website with a taste of retro and loads of pink. It is a perfect reflection of not only her personality, but also her business.  

 Along with website design, I have had the honor of coaching Emily through the beginning stages of blogging and creating a social media presence for her business. Your Home Girl is a perfect example of how blogging can be a great jumping-off point for a small business. Through her fun blogs, potential clients can get to know Emily, her style, her talents and can start dreaming of what it would look like to work with her. 

Anyone who knows Emily knows she is both talented and fun to be around but, through , they now know her skills are for hire. That is what I call a success story!


Grace Brookshire